Taiwan Branch

i-order Taiwan branch was established in 2008 and has served to help Taiwan local merchants set up their own net shop in Taiwan.
In late 2015 when Rakuten opened the door for oversea merchant to enter enter it’s platform, i-order Taiwan branch’s main task became to expand the oversea business by seeking out and speaking with brands that are interested or have potential to do well in the Japan market.
For this purpose, our Taiwan branch staffs are fluent in Mandarin, English and Japanese, able to provide service for our clients in the language of their preference.

Together with i-order Japan, we aim to become the gateway into Japan for all brands and merchants intersted, feel free to contact us for more information!

LWE (Logistics Worldwide Express)

LWE is a logistic leader in the Asia Pacific market. LWE is specialise in complete cross border logistics and fulfilment. They have been established networks in the major cities within Asia Pacific. LWE has a wide range of fulfilment solutions that cover a flashlight torch of service options and destinations. They could modify to suit a particular individual needs.

LWE could provide to make shipping easy an intergrated web shipping solution for your company.LWE also provide warehousing capabilities to manage customers’ inventory and stock.They are also able to pre-ship your goods in bulk and arrange for it to be stored at a specific destination.
Individual orders can also be fulfilled locally.LWE can arrange for bonded warehouses to serve as your regional distribution center within South East Asia too.